The secret of the old clock

Keene, Carolyn.

New York : Grosset & Dunlap, c1959.

180 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.


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2 copies available at Holy Innocents' Lower / Curtis Library

Patron Reviews

Review by Collier McMullen *.
nancy drew is an amazing book series. nancy drew is about a girl who loves solving mysterys

Review by Addie Olderman.
Great book! 3 words read this book

Review by Carly Pittman.
This book is amazing I could not stop reading in class before directions i decided not to start reading or I would probably miss the directions. I loved this book if you like mystery book read Nancy Drew series.

Review by Sarah Kate Schoen - 3/08.
I could not put down this book!!! Sometimes my mom got mad at me for staying up to late reading!!!!!!!
Useually if you find me sleeping in my bed I would probably have this book on top of my face!!!!!!

If you like scary books and mysterys read this book!!!!

Review by Kathleen Ford/2-08.
It is the most best mystery series I've ever read!!!!!!!!!

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